Don’t underestimate USB-C power

We have mentioned USB-C connector in PANCONNECT new products many times. We only see the advantages and future of its use, so we have decided to summarize them for you and to highlight the use of USB-C connector in PANCONNECT connection panels.

Do you know…?

USB connectors are well known since 1996 when the first USB-A model was launched on the market. In 1998, the USB connector became popular thanks to iMacs and newly invented operating system Windows 1998 which began to support USB. Each standard has been changing up to now when the standards are USB 3.1 Gen2 (or USB 3.2) and USB-C connector which is a revolution in the connectivity.

What does USB-C use bring for the future?

USB-C connectors future looks very promising andfor sure it will be standardized for wide range of electronic devices, AV and IoT. Practically this mean you will only need one cable with the same
connector to connect all these devices – it will be for data transmitting and also for recharging all your electronic devices. This will get rid of all the cables disorganization you have at home or at the office.

USB-C max cable lengths

The maximum recommended lenght of USB-C cables depends on the USB standard:
USB 2.0: 4m
USB 3.1 Gen 1: 2m
USB 3.1 Gen 2: 1m

What are the main advantages of USB-C connector?

It is double-sided

If ever happened to you that you had to turn the old type USB connector several times to put it in the correct position, we can assure you that you weren’t alone. USB-C connector is double-sided so you will never struggle with the connection again. USB-C connector is also very small and thanks to that it is used for all range of electronic devices from mobile phones to laptops.

It is super fast

USB-C connectors offer a transfer rate of 10 to 20Gbps. For a better understanding it is compared to 10GB data transferred in 8 seconds. Just for comparison – USB-A in standard 2.0 transfers only 60MB / s, in standard 3.0 the transfer rate is up to ten times.

It is multi-purpose and bidirectional

Where you previously needed HDMI, VGA, or Display- Port to connect devices, you only need the USB-C cable now. You will get rid of a large number of cables, because audio and video transmission will be only via one cable and there will be just what you really need for your work on your desk – laptop and monitor connected via USB-C cable transmitting audio, video and even charging your laptop. And if you connect for example an external disk to your monitor, data transfer will be provided just by USB-C connection with the laptop.


Add the connection panel PANCONNECT to your work desk and keep the future of connectivity within the reach. You can find your cable system option at PANCONNECT panels in the UNI and FLOPPY series. In UNI panel you can have 2 or 6 cables placed directly in the panel to connect your electronic devices. In panel FLOPPY you can configure 2 cable types that are the most important for you and you can’t work without them at your work desk or in the meeting room. And if you choose one of the cables in panel UNI or FLOPPY with USB-C connector, you win!

When you connect a laptop with USB-C port, the charging will start immediately. Is it time for your presentation but your laptop is discharged? You don’t have to connect HDMI cable for your presentation and looking for a place where to charge your laptop in one time – your presentation will run on a monitor or a screen, audio will be transmitted thanks to USB-C connection and your laptop will never run out of the battery. And all this can be provided just by only one cable with USB-C connector.


If you like to be one step ahead in connectivity and integration, you can add switch PureLink to connection panel. One of them is switch PureTools PT-PSW-21C which is possible to interlinked with your monitor by HDMI input and with your laptop by USB-C port connected to switch by a cable pulled from the panel. Is a camera needed for your videoconference or does your monitor has interactive touch screen and you don’t like to have another unorganized cable around? Exactly for these situations is switch PureTools PT-PSW-21C equipped with USB-A port for connecting
your electronic device and for working without any worries – your device and switch will communicate just by USB-C port via connection panel from the switch to the laptop. The switch is designed
especially for bigger panels like UNI or NEO is, but it fits to panel FLOPPY too. Another option is very small switch PureTools PT-PSW-31I with HDMI output and inputs like HDMI, USB-C and mini DisplayPort. We recommend the smaller switch for panel FLOPPY – it can be easily attached to the panel from the bottom part thanks to its smaller size.

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