PANCONNECT has a solution for everyone 

Modern offices are characterized by large workspaces with a lot of work desks and the office is often really noisy. Even if colleagues would like to have a short meeting right at their desk, this atmosphere would not lead to creative problem solving. Every office consist of few meeting rooms but are often occupied or you have to need reservation first. For smaller meetings are now created in offices so-called huddle rooms – small and simple meeting rooms where you have your own peace for work.

Connectivity solution in micro offices

It is necessary to add basic connectivity to these rooms that will be built directly into the office furniture. In PANCONNECT portfolio are connection panels suitable to these small meeting rooms.


Pre-configured connection panels FLAT LT and MINI LT are perfect solution to your meeting room. FLAT LT and MINI LT consist of basic connectivity – you could conveniently plug in your laptop in to the power socket, in the meantime you recharge your mobile phone in USB port and if is necessary to be online you could connect your laptop to the LAN module.


The newest connection panel in PANCONNECT portfolio called FLOPPY, which in addition to basic connectivity includes also cable system with two types of cables. Sou you could easily have in the FLOPPY HDMI cable for monitor connection – your presentation is fast on the screen without a long cable search.

These small pre-configured soulutions are suitable for modern micro offices, which could be used for small meetings or video conferences when you don’t want to be disturbed by the office rush.

Above standard connectivity? No problem for PANCONNECT

If you need wide range of connectivity and even control the whole room and presentation from the connection panel, you could choose other solutions from our product portfolio. Integration is possible in FLAT, MINI, UNI and NEO panels.

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