Look back at ISE 2020

For several consecutive years, the PANCONNECT team has spent start of the February in the capital of Holland, Amsterdam. Together with our German partner oneAV and the British HDANYWHERE, we participate in the Integrated Systems Europe trade fair, where thanks to this cooperation you can see in one place complex, professional AV solutions not only ours, but many world producers.

First, we would like to thank you for your visit at our booth. For the last time we met in Amsterdam. Next year you can look forward to winter Barcelona, where will ISE 2021 take place from 2 to 5 February 2021.



PANCONNECT new connectivity standard

In addition to the standard portfolio, such as UNI, NEO or Mediahub panels, we introduced the FLOPPY connection panel for the first time.

FLOPPY is basic all-in-one connectivity solution with cable management system not only for huddle rooms but also for work desk where you will achieve complex connectivity for the entire working day. Power supply, USB-A and also USB-C charging port which will charge also your laptop thanks to 60W power.




Connectivity solution for conference halls

Another new idea that we presented at ISE 2020 was the variable connectivity solution for conference halls.

Customize connectivity solutions to your needs! The PANCONNECT conference solution delivers variability, ease of installation and connectivity almost anywhere. A complete connection panel solution from the floorbox, through the wall panel to the connection panel that fits on almost any table, creates an endless network of electrical energy throughout the hall. Preparing a conference has never been easier!



Take the office to the next level

Our new concept of smart office creates ecosystem that connects overal connectivity with space management. Thanks to hidden sensors in PANCONNECT smart unit, which is connected to the panel, you will have an overview of the temperature, amount of CO2 in the air or humidity in offices. Simplify work to your employees and allow them reserving seats in an office or the whole meeting rooms. Take advantage of monitoring, reduce costs and stay informed.



The overall concept of smart office was introduced on the new SPOOK

connection panel, which begins the development of smaller office solutions. The SPOOK connection panel is suitable not only for offices, but also for cafes, libraries and other places where you can use basic connectivity – electrical socket, USB-A and USB-C charging ports and Qi wireless charging. SPOOK is also the first panel to introduce the new FENIX NTM – nanotech material, featuring a matte finish, high durability and a choice of colours to customize the panel directly into your interior.


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