One switch rule them all

Bigger or smaller companies are in times demanding often use of AV equipment, so they need to have thesimplest and easy to use connection with perfect connectivity in the whole scale. In PANCONNECT we don’t care just about a connectivity on your work desk, we want to integrate whole system and to improve the using oftechnical equipment in the highest quality.

This integration is fully possible with PureLink PT-PSW-21C switch designed to convert HDMI and USB-C input to one HDMI output. The switch also supports 4K and video stream toHDMI output and connection of one USB-B and two USB-A devices. The most useful is USB-C port for sure, in one time you can project your presentation and charge your device. It is also possible to connect USB-A devices(camera, pointer) to the switch and control them by USB-C. UNI is the most appropriate connection panel for this integration.

Make your presentation even better

We were trying to find a solution to integration in many projects. Whether it was a new project realization or correction of existing one, the task has always been the same – connection of computer monitor and a webcam, their control directly by a panel of a control unit and possibility to connect a laptop by USB-C port. We have used PureLink PT-PSW-21C switch interconnected with TV by HDMI port, with webcam by USB-A port and USB-C port provides a monitor and a laptop interconnection which is continuous charging due to its connection to the port. Whole system is very simple and you can control all the connections by integrated keyboard in connection panel and just with one button.

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