The future is at arm’s length

Why SPOOK? The connection panel SPOOK is like a ghost. But don’t be afraid. The only thing which is mind-blowing is a panel size and its colour fitting together with your furniture and making it unrecognizable. SPOOK is the smartest connection panel and you can have it on a work desk, near a bed in a hotel or on a desk in a café headed by connectivity with USB C port and Qi charging.

Have a possibility to charge your laptop or a mobile phone whenever you need whether you are in an office, on a business trip, having a quick meeting or working in a café. It doesn’t matter if you like to work from a bed in a hotel room or from a best place in your favourite café – you will have the connectivity at hand without looking for a socket all over the room.

And that’s why we have invented SPOOK – a simple and small connection panel fitting in all huddle rooms, small offices, hotels and cafés with the current charging standard and simple connectivity – so every table could be your office – we haven’t forgotten about the socket, USB port charging or Qi charging of your electronical devices.


Our way is the innovation

PANCONNECT’s goal is to innovate its products and make them better all the time and that’s why we’ve started testing material FENIX NTM meeting not only recent material durability requirements, but also fitting in the interior with its minimalistic design. FENIX NTM exceeds by its mechanical resistance and matted surface reducing light reflection and protecting against fingerprint. Its wide colour options make it fit in every interior and giving a touch of luxury.
Panel chassis is made with well-proven material – lacquered stainless steel covers all wiring so the safety of any user isn’t affected.




Small size and quick installation (just 0,7 mm above a work desk)

What is the coolest thing about the panel? The connectivity of future is hidden in its small size. It’s possible to install panel SPOOK in furniture just by a surface mounting. We haven’t forgotten about the possibility to mill the panel into the tabletop – for this case it has stylish cut corners with radius 3 mm for the best integration in a furniture surface. Installation of panel SPOOK is going forward as well as panel itself. It’s needed to drill just two connected holes each with diameter 60 mm and put the panel into the tabletop or other furniture. Panel is made for tabletops with thickness 10-48 mm.


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