Simple panels for the offices, meeting rooms, hotels and residences.
home: modul U1
A simple and elegant answer to all connectivity and charging requirements, coming with a touch that opens the MOVE's door.
CARIQ S with 2 sockets and USB-C/A charging
Everything you need for your workplace or huddle room.
Sockets, powerful USB charging and cable grommet.
EDGE S with 2 sockets and USB-C/A charging
Simply place the panel on the edge of the table and attach it with the selected holder. No drilling, connectivity on demand.
FLOPIQ XS with HDMI and LAN PULL-OUT cables and cable PASS-THRU
Metal panel with quick one-hole installation. Ideal solution for small meeting rooms - cables play the main role.


Robust solution for busy spaces with professional AV components
home: modul U2
New generation of UNI panel. Easier configuration, more efficient layout, wide range of connectivity. New UNI-M
home: modul U2
It addresses your office needs with ease. Two sizes with a wide range of options, simple, durable, simply LITE.
FLAT LITE with 3 sockets and USB-C PULL-OUT cable
Modular panel with strong USB-C charging, connector modules and pull-out cables. A compact solution.
UNI6 with 2 sockets, LAN-LAN module, USB-C/A charging and 2 cable RETRACTORS
Everything you need for the meeting room. Modular and universal solution in a robust but discreet design.


Built-in charging and connectivity in a minimalist design
SPOOK M with 2 sockets in FRENCH standard, integrated USB-C/A charging and wireless charging Qi
Charging in the furniture in the simple and clear way. Integrated wireless charging and powerful USB-C/A charging included.
SNOOK L with 1 socket, USB-C and Lightning PULL-OUT cables and wireless charging Qi
Minimalist design, iconic shape, pull-out cables, wide colour range together with charging.
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