FLOPPY is not a floppy disk – it is the smallest all in one smart table solution with cable management system for your office desk

FLOPPY is an essential solution of connection panel for small conference and huddle rooms. Thanks to its dimensions you won’t even notice its presence. Power module and PULL-OUT cable management system include the most useful connectors required on your work desk or in conference room. FLOPPY is the smallest all-in-one solution with cable management system for your office.

The FLOPPY discrete dimensions similar to a floppydisk make the installation hidden without any visual disturbance. In small chassis is everything you need – socket with charching USB-C and USB-A and PULL-OUT cable management system. Do you need HDMI and LAN cable? No problem, it is up to you which cables you configure to your FLOPPY. The installation is really quick and connection   panel FLOPPY is supplied with  PULL-OUT cable system designed for a surface mounting – the installation takes only 10 minutes and upgrade of cables in PULL-OUT cable system is also possible and quick.

FLOPPY is variable and configurable as you want. In to the chassis with power module with socket and charging USB you could configure two prefered cables in to the PULL-OUT cable system. The lenght of the cables is 96 cm. You could have FLOPPY in three standard timeless coulours – white, silver and black.

Installation takes only 10 minutes!

FLOPPY is unique thanks to its easy and quick installation. The FLOPPY is supplied with PULL-OUT cable management system designed for surface mounting. You can easily pul FLOPPY panel with PULL-OUT in a 100 mm diameter hole, which has been cut in the table desk. The FLOPPY is then fix with quick and easy mounting system.

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