UNI 2.0

Twice more possibilities in configuration

We all love UNI. And that’s why we have decided to make UNI even better. Until now the connection panel UNI consists of a power module equipped with a power socket according to your country standard and with USB ports for charging. You could choose a number of cables and their way of winding. However, pull out cables are not always sufficient, especially if you need better infrastructure, so from now it is possible to add standard 45 mm connection modules with all possible connectors to your UNI panel – as you can know from connection panels NEO, FLAT or MINI. The result is much more variable connection panel UNI!

UNI rule them all

Connection panel UNI is good to have in meeting rooms where is a wide range of AV equipment. We have added connection modules to UNI thanks to communication with you, our customers, and according to your feedback, that cables which are constantly used could go through quickly or on the other hand there is no need to have expensive cables if they are used occasionally. Connection modules are reasonable way for wider connectivity with different connectors (or the same one as on the cable) and it is possible to use them for permanent device connection, f. e. projector, IP telephone etc. For occasional use is PULL-OUT cable system where user can connect a laptop or other devices. The cables will not be overloaded and will last much longer.

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